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  IntelliClimate Intelligent Climate & Grow Room Controller

The IntelliClimate is the most advanced climate controller in the market. The IntelliClimate will run multiple light banks, multiple fan banks, air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, CO2 injection, intruder alarms and more.
Starting at: $2,599.95

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Welcome to the future of greenhouse control! If you want to achieve the best possible growth rates and have the ability to 'steer' the crop to a perfect outcome, the IntelliClimate is the grow room controller for you.

A standard feature of the IntelliClimate is the USB connection to a PC. This provides a new level of user friendliness and allows the grower to easily view and change settings, view readings and look back to see what growing conditions were like during periods when the grow room was unattended. The PC also provides for remote alarms and even text messaging to a mobile phone. With remote access software you can carry out all these functions over the internet or phone connection. Note that the controller will operate fully without a PC connection with the exception of the scheduling feature.

With the IntelliClimate you can start small and gradually add to your equipment until you have the most sophisticated system possible, if that is what you desire. If growing in difficult climatic conditions (very hot or very cold) then you will need to start with more sophistication than if you are in a more temperate area.

  • Controls lights, fans, dehumidifier, aircon, heater, CO2, humidifier
  • Comes standard with USB cable and intuitive PC software
  • Built-in failsafes to look after your crop if something goes wrong
  • Advanced settings page allow you to fine tune the system
  • Scheduling allows you to enter a table of settings for the complete grow
  • Alarms on all key variables including intruder alarm
  • Alarms can sound on PC or even dial out via modem to your mobile
  • Remote access software can be used to view readings and change settings from anywhere in the world (password protected) 

The standard IntelliClimate kit includes the following:

  • IntelliClimate controller with USB cable and PC software on CD-ROM
  • 3x twin relay boxes (i.e. 6 independent relay controlled socket outlets)
  • Environment sensor box that goes into the grow room to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and light.
  • Magnetic door intruder switch


  • Power supply adapter
    The unit is normally supplied with a universal input (100V to 240V 50/60Hz) power adapter which provides the IntelliClimate with a safe, low voltage supply of  24V DC at 2.5 amps
  • Outputs
    8 outputs that have the same voltage as the supply (normally 24V DC) Ratings of individual outputs are 3 amps. But of course, the total draw from all 8 outputs must not exceed the rating of the supply adapter. 
  • Inputs
    The temperature, RH, CO2, Light sensors are all connect on a bus cable.  The three wires in the bus cable supply the sensor units with 5VDC power and receive digital data back along the third wire.  Maximum length of this bus cable is 20m (60ft).  The unit is supplied with one temperature/RH/CO2/light sensor box on a 5m (15ft) cable.  A second sensor box and an external temperature sensor may be added.  These would be connected in daisy chain fashion on the single bus cable.
  • Temperature/RH/CO2/Light enviro sensors:
    Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
    RH accuracy: +/- 3% to 95% then +/-5%
    Light accuracy: +/- 5%; Total light 0 to 1000 Joules
    CO2 input: 10 bit resolution (1 part in 1000)
  • 3 x Relay Boxes
    The twin relay boxes have a total current capability as follows:-
    USA 110V at 15 amp total draw
    UK 240V at 12 amp
    Australasia 240V at 10 amp

The following accessories are optional:

  • Second environment sensor
    If your grow area is large, an additional environment sensor will make the controller more accurate. The IntelliClimate will make environment control decisions based on the average reading of both sensors (temperature, humidity, light levels and CO2).
  • Outside temperature sensor
    If you are using outside air for cooling or air exchange, you may want to consider adding an Outside Temp Sensor. The IntelliClimate will monitor the temperatures and humidity of the outside air, making the best cooling and dehumidifying decisions for your area.

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