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  Super Charger - 12 Capsules

Super Charger is a vitamin packed supplement consisting of a complex amalgam of vitamins (A, B-complex, C, E), antioxidants, peptides, and trace minerals (selenium, zinc).  It is the result of many years of evaluation and research into how various elements such as vitamins, minerals and peptides synergistically respond to one another and affect plant performance.
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Super Charger™ is a vitamin-packed supplement for your plants. Each capsule contains a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and trace minerals. Super Charger was formulated to provide your plants with the 'missing link' not found in standard vegetative and bloom nutrient formulas. Though a plant will grow with the basic N-P-K, it will not achieve it's full potential unless you can provide more. Super Charger is key to going beyond the basic needs of your plant. 

Under normal conditions, plants synthesize their own vitamins. Vitamins are coenzymes involved in the activation of many vital plant enzymes. They are present naturally in the plant and are trans-located to where they are most needed. Higher concentrations of vitamins are often found within the leaves of the plant (chloroplasts, cell walls) where they are needed to neutralize potential oxidative damage. Using Super Charger as a foliar feed delivers the vitamins to where they are utilized the most. By offering readily available vitamins directly to your plants, they will grow more efficiently and surpass your expectations.

Each vitamin within a blend has a specific role. Growth regulators speed or inhibit growth at levels which can result in improper cell differentiation. Instead of adding these chemicals, we found a blend of vitamins which will effect your plant naturally.

Although Super Charger is a complex amalgam of natural constituents, a few you may be familiar with include:

Vitamin B Complex Blend:

  • Aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates for plant energy
  • Involved in the synthesis of antioxidants
  • Component involved in the process of plant respiration

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid/ascorbate):

  • Involved in protecting cell walls and the process of photosynthesis from oxidative damage due to light radiation, ozone and other environmental stresses
  • Coenzyme involved in synthesis of cell wall proteins and plant hormone ethylene (aids in ripening)
  • Associated with the production of ATP (plant energy)

Vitamin E (tocopherols):

  • Acts as a membrane stabilizer, protecting cell membrane lipids from peroxidation
  • Aids in reducing damage resulting from environmental stresses including high intensity lighting, temperature extremes, drought, inadequate nutrition, and pesticides
  • Involved in the protection of vital plant cycles within chloroplasts


  • Aids in repairing DNA
  • Involved in helping to inhibit mineral deficiencies
  • Needed by peptides to protect plant cell membranes and sub-cellular components


  • Involved in the activation of many plant enzymes, including stimulation of the plants natural production of the growth hormone, auxin
  • Aids process of nitrogen fixation, as well as phosphorus and potassium uptake
  • Can aid root development, stem growth and production of sugars and carbohydrates within the plant
Many of the components present within Super Charger will reduce or neutralize the amount of environmental damage experienced by the plant. This results in more vigorous growth and an increased resistance to pests and disease.

Super Charger will take your plants to a new level of growth and vitality.

  • Hydroponics Use:
    1 capsule in 30 gallons, every 10-14 days
  • Soil Use:
    1 capsule in 5 gallons, for hand watering, every 10-14 days
  • For Media Soak:
    1 capsule in 16 oz
  • For Foliar Spray:
    1 capsule in 1 gallon, every 10-14 days
  • Why should I use Super Charger?
    Super Charger is the result of many years of evaluation and research into how various elements such as vitamins, minerals and peptides synergistically respond to one another and affect plant performance. Even when plants are provided the proper N-P-K and secondary elements, this does not insure optimum growth performance. Super Charger provides the correct ratios of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides to round out any nutrient formula to SUPER CHARGE the photosynthetic process in your plants.
  • What separates Super Charger from the other nutrient additives on the market?
    It really works. The ratio of elements play a key role in the effectiveness of Super Charger. Through constant experimentation with the product over the years, we understand what it takes for vigorous plant development. Super Charger is what separates American Hydroponics commercial nutrients from all the rest. Super Charger is a sought after nutrient additive in New Zealand, Australia, and all over the world.
  • What is the N-P-K of Super Charger?
    Though Super Charger is not a fertilizer, it does contain 0.5% Zinc.
  • When do you use Super Charger?
    Super Charger's ideal balance of vitamins and minerals allows you to use the product through all stages of growth, from media soak to harvest.
  • What is in Super Charger?
    Super Charger is compiled of vitamins (B-Complex), anti-oxidants, minerals (selenium, zinc, etc..) and peptides.
  • Is Super Charger organic?
    Many of the nutrients within Super Charger are naturally occurring, but not considered organic. Due to the supreme quality of the ingredients in Super Charger, we can guarantee high purity batch after batch.
  • What can you use with Super Charger?
    You can use Super Charger with almost all fertilizers. By adding Dark Energy and/or Super Nova to the mix, you will only enhance the response. If you do decide to use Dark Energy and Super Nova with Super Charger, we recommend you lower the use rates on all three items by 50%. Not only will your plants love it, but you get to save money (use less product) too!
  • What can you not use with Super Charger?
    You can use Super Charger with anything, although unchelated iron, which is an oxidizer, or a pH level that's lower than 2 or higher than 9 may not observe the full benefits of Super Charger.
  • Can you use other additives with Super Charger?
    You will have the optimum results by using Dark Energy and Super Nova with Super Charger. If you do choose to use other nutrient additives, Super Charger will enhance their effect on your plants!
  • Can Super Charger be used as a foliar spray?
    Absolutely, Super Charger on its own as a foliar is good, but mix it with Dark Energy or Super Nova for the absolute best possible results.
  • Will Super Charger burn my plants?
    We have not known Super Charger to burn plants, but, as with any additive, excessive amounts may cause problems.

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